day one

just to start, my name is heather, and I do indeed have a potty mouth. which is ok in most social circles. as is my ranting about words that make me angry; like jetskis, they should have been called boatercycles. ok. maybe that’s only acceptable in my circle. Which shows you how screwed up most social circles are. shame on you for having an unaccepting circle! 

i knit obsessivly, crochet a lot, and love cats. (especially strays i feed outside.) and love every bit  of my life a little too much. (like dancing-with-strangers-in-the-street too much. especially with my style of dancing. i can do the running man like it’s no body’s business.) 

in short I’m the person your parents want you to avoid. and I’m more than content to stay this way.


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