Learning to knit

I am now quite a proficient knitter, but my first go around was not as successful. One of my very best friends had gotten a book on learning how to knit. (At the time I was convinced it was witch craft. “Click two sticks together over an herb fire, after sacrificing a pure white goat, and cloth will come out of the sticks!”) This book had to be THE most poorly written beginner’s guide in the history of man. It’s as if someone who had never held a set of knitting needles had written it for pure amusement. I managed to follow the instructions to cast on. (Or get the yarn onto needle number one) the instructions that followed were to move the loopies from one needle to the other. (This is not how you knit by the way. To knit you make new loopies through all existing loopies and the resulting knots should look cloth-like a few rows in. But at the time this knowledge was unavailable to me.) So I moved all the loops back and forth betwixt two needles (chanting what I imagine to be an incantation) and nothing was happening! (ok maybe I was raising up a dead person somewhere, but no cloth was happening.)
Both me and my future stitch-and-bitch buddy stared at the tangle I was making in frustration. Then we made an executive decision. Knitting WAS witchcraft and we should stick to drinking coffee. Ironically a few weeks later over coffee someone actually sat down and taught my friend how to knit, and she passed the wisdom onto me. So our decision was indeed a genius one. Or the universe was tired of our insolence in the non-knitting department. Whichever one we are now something like knitting ninjas, except cooler, and with better moves.


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