So now that the wolf family has tv, direct tv to be exact, we have all turned into zombies. When we just had books (and my husband of course was swearing at his video game) (a lot.) We were gaining a valuable amount of brain power! (Well my step son and I were. My husband was just advancing his cussing abilities.) But now, we can press a magic button and turn off our brains! All for the low monthly price of blah-blah-blah!
Now I’m not mocking anyone who uses tv as their course of relaxation/entertainment, but seriously, yesterday I forgot how doors work. It was independence day and I forgot how to door. And that “door” isn’t a verb. (Well now it is. Deal with it.)
All those days my parents would say: “you’ll drain your brain by sitting in front of the boob tube!” (Now boob-plasma?  Boob-LED? Whatever.) I see they had a point. For example my step daughter will stop answering in anything that isn’t an “mmhmm. Uh-uh.” and pretty much doesn’t grasp anything when her show is on. (Great if step-mom/dad needs a nap by the way.) But What if tomorrow she forgets how to door!! These are worries every parent should have. Keep your kids active and force them to read so they remember how to door.
I am almost tempted to turn this thing off and never have a tv in my home! And then I remember the science channel. And the history channel. And man-vs-food. (God I love that show!!) And who doesn’t love the mass fear spread by the news! “Stay on your toes, the president is coming to take your guns blah blah.” So I guess we’ll keep it. And maybe get rid of all of our doors. Just in case.


3 thoughts on “Distracted

  1. How to door? Lol. Oh my… I lived without cable for a year… I slept a lot. And surfed the on the neighbors wireless. Mabe try reading to them before bed? So their brains arnt mush…

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