My blender

So yesterday my husband proved to be a genius. When he came home from work (after knowing I had a trying day with the kids) he brought me a blender! (Because as all geniuses know, kitchen appliances are the way to a girls heart. Well mine anyways.) This thing has ten different functions! (all clearly labeled) (Thank God)

Seeing as I have never used a blender before I figured my first attempt at a smoothie should be when everyone else was gone for the day. (Safe and snug, miles away from what could be the start of the apocalypse.) I loaded the blender up with strawberries, milk and ice, just to realize the bottom wasn’t on very tight. After fighting the flood of milk that drenched my kitchen, I screwed on the bottom tighter and tried again. As I pressed the smoothie button (and cringed, waiting for the worst) magic happened! Well not really. Smoothie happened. But for me, getting something right first try IS magic.

I’m thrilled to have a new addition to my kitchen collection, to be able to make milkshakes, smoothies, and whatever else I decide should be drinkable but isn’t. I’m also thrilled to have married a man that gets this. And me, he really gets me!



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